12. The Early 1900’s

In the 1900’s, men’s hats took on a different meaning with respect to the previous centuries. Its social function and social value were highlighted. It became a sign of distinction and even an expression of different political appearances.

The old Socialists wore round and floppy hats with a small brim, while the Mazzinis wore soft black hats with wide brims.

Hats were also an approval of vanity. Elegant gentlemen distinguished themselves at the Turin Exposition in 1900 for their refined light brown satin laced bowler hats. With the cold, a “Homburg” model was chosen. The stride, influenced by the presence of the black semi-shiny top hat with a high matt silk band, was dignified.

A true gentleman wore a hat with a “Petersburg” fur coat for dinners held after the theatre. It too was black and lined in beaver fur.

hats drawing

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