11.2 Technology advances

cappelli 800The 1800’s was a period of great inventions that brought about great change not only in work organization, but also in the history of traditions.

Sewing machines profoundly changed the production of clothing. The first to do so were French and used in 1829 by Barthelemy Thimmonier to sew military uniforms, followed by those created by Isaac Singer who became the largest worldwide producer.

The textile industry evolved and invaded the market with fabrics of all types, sparking the desire to find new styles of clothing and accessories.

Fashion magazines were born, and in 1839 when the daguerreotype, invented by Louis Jacques Daguerre, was presented at The Academy of Science in France, the path to photography was paved. It illustrated and proposed fashion trends with more detail than drawings and more extensively than picturesque images.

Hat factories endured the Century’s transformations. The industrial plants substitute small family businesses and machines allowed production to expand.

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