13.4 Star hats

Marlon BrandoWith the war over, there was a strong desire to pick things up, look for new elegance, beauty and luxury. End of 40’s fashion picked up quickly.

Shop windows, especially in major cities, began to fill up with refined items. Male elegance once again looked towards England, but accessories were Italian.

The cinema brought out images of Hollywood stars.

Cary Grant charmed Ingred Bergman with his dark and shiny felt hat in the distressful atmosphere of the movie Notorious.Cary Grant

A firm black army cap characterized Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront, while the shady James Dean launched hats having a wide turned up brim.

Hemingway’s novel “For whom the bells toll” became a movie where Gary Cooper’s charm came out when wearing an American style felt hat.

On the wave of Westerns, hat factories offered soft pastel-coloured casual models that appear to meet the taste of the young.

But when we think about typical Cow Boy hats, the STETSON is always first in line.

James Dean It’s made with water resistant felt, not as stiff as the sombrero, which was its Latin-American inspiration, and is perhaps the most famous hat in American history.

According to tradition, it was never taken off.

The Stetson is still used in Texas today, and this style became famous once again thanks to the television series Dallas.

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